Deep dipped lambskin

Hurbane deep dipped lambskin gloves

A 100% natural dye for the greatest respect of the skin and your environment.
For its line of men's gloves, Hurbane has opted for the painstaking and traditional technique of deep dipped lambskin.
To guarantee flexibility and a snug fit, the leather used by the glover differs from that of other leather goods and skins are derived exclusively from lambs or kids. Fine, with high elasticity, lambskin offers a very flexible curve, to accommodate all hand movements. It thus provides a true freedom of movement and increased comfort.
To preserve the quality and flexibility of the leather, Hurbane therefore favoured a dyeing technique without the use of pigments: a craftsman technique with the greatest respect for tradition and know-how, which protects the skin from aggressive chemical industry processes.
This method "deep dipped lambskin" method respects the natural look of the skin and its properties. It also offers a hundred percent natural dye and offers a pure, unique colour for each skin. The colour is vibrant, shimmering, and the skin has retained all of its authenticity.