Storage compartments

The storage compartments of the Hurbane toilet bag

Finally a men's toilet bag organised with care!
Far from the tote bag mingling and chaotically tangling razor, comb and toothbrush, the Hurbane leather toilet bag contains the codes of the old barber kits, or even necessary toiletries organized in different cases and storage pouches. Ultra convenient, it allows to store your various skincare products in a few seconds, making your bathroom routine easier and more efficient!
The Hurbane toilet bag consists of four compartments: 3 compartments in opaque fabric, a pouch in openwork fabric, like a "net" for ventilation of damp products. These 4 pockets have been especially adapted to men's toilet products: they will accommodate an aerosol of shaving foam, a bottle of shampoo and a deodorant. An essential and sufficient toilet bag, designed for greater efficiency!