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No more austere and dark leatherwork; spotlight on colour and boldness.
Hurbane revisits indispensable leather goods for men with style and elegance. An exceptional brand of male accessories, distinguished by its expertise in working with coloured leather.
Defying codes, the Hurbane collection breaks away from dark and dreary and conventional leather goods. It offers that touch of colour and unique originality, without ever upsetting the codes of male elegance and distinction. Further information ...

Hurbane creations are a true signature of style in themselves: They reflect an open and initiated spirit; that of the aesthetic modern man with his traditions but with a flair for individuality. Thus, they merge perfectly with the various male domains, whether in the more conventional business and city environment, or in more casual and relaxed surroundings, remaining unfailingly elegant.
The Hurbane collection consists of a comprehensive range of accessories in coloured leather: small leather items (wallet, passport holder, key cases) fashion accessories (range of belts, collection of gloves) and travel items (toilet bag, travel case). Each model comes in a palette of 6 coloured leathers: Monastic Orange, Ultra Violet, Arctic Blue, Bunker Green, for the more striking colours, Lime Yellow or Tropical Green for gentler tones. Each model has been carefully designed to be both chic, original and practical to respond to male expectations. With its elegant and daring style, Hurbane also becoming a key source of gift ideas for men, ensuring the effect of a useful and original gift. He can buy himself something unique to cherish, like a whole collection in the same colour.

Hurbane coloured leathers

Hurbane coloured leathers

Hurbane's expertise and uniqueness lies in its selection of leathers.
With its stance firmly fixed on coloured leather, Hurbane has searched the European market for the finest skins for optimal colour reproduction: a firm and hardwearing Spanish leather for the range of belts, a dense leather from Portugal for the line of leather accessories and travel goods, and finally a fine and supple French lambskin for its gloves, offering a long life and resistance to each item over its lifetime.
Painstaking tannery has been implemented to achieve a smooth, silky and refined finish, unlike most common coarse and grainy leathers.
The dosage of pigments has been implemented with precision in order to achieve unmatched density in all the colours (Monastic Orange, Lime Yellow, Ultra Violet, Arctic Blue, Bunker Green and Tropical Green). For the line of gloves, the leather work (lambskin) is differentiated by the craftsman technique of soaked lambskin, without the use of pigments. This traditional knowledge provides extreme care for this very fine and supple skin, it also enables the rendition of a and ultra natural colour, with a unique effect for each product.
Through these bright colours Hurbane reveals and restores the beauty and richness of this luxurious material, all too often buried standard black or brown hues. An apology to leather through this devotion to glorious colour!

Hurbane expertise

Hurbane expertise

Arts and craftsmanship.
Throughout its production cycle, each Hurbane item has been treated with care and attention. Created in Portugal made by the best craftsmen tanners and leatherworkers, tannery and manufacturing have retained the traditional and manual skills that are still very strong in the area. Preparation of leather and painstaking creation of parts require more than 14 manual operations and rely on expert know-how.
Skins are first of all selected according to demanding quality criteria to avoid any defects, and ensure leather colour and ultra-smooth finish not forgiving any glitch or irregularity in the hide. Then the tannery process requires ultra precise dosage of pigments to achieve a colour that is as dense, homogeneous and uniform as possible. This valuable recipe confers on Hurbane the unique singularity of its colour palette.
Manufacturing then concentrates on only the very best parts of the skin. This quality is also obtained through craftsman leather working, combining both manufacturing tools and manual intervention. Finishing is achieved by hand to ensure precision in every detail.
Nothing is left to chance to reach an optimum level of quality. Hurbane wallets, belts, toilet bags, and other male accessories: all reflect a true craftsman's rigour and a great respect for the item in question.

The man's gift box

The man's gift box

Each Hurbane item comes with a signed Hurbane luxury drawer-box in black and orange.
Elegant, luxurious and masculine, this presentation box has been especially designed to be used as a luxury, high quality gift box, reflecting the standard of the Hurbane item within.
Square in shape, this box guarantees protection of your item before use, as well as its conservation and storage thereafter. Simple and modern, it will fit perfectly into your cabinets and shelves to store your Hurbane item.
Its black colour, highlighted by the flexible orange tab epitomizes the Hurbane style and values: simplicity and masculine elegance mixed with boldness and individuality.
For unconditional fans of the brand, Hurbane boxes will stack like drawers in a writing desk, so that you can file all your accessories with care.

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A beautiful brand items Leather Goods quality  

Alphonso (Narbonne - 11)

The kit is beautiful and very practical with different arrangements.  

Aymeric (Gif-sur-yvette - 91)

Luxury goods at prices that do not border on ridiculous brands. High quality service .  

Servane (Montpellier - 34)

The card holder is perfect : the ideal format, very nice leather and impeccable finishes. And delivery is very neat with this beautiful cabinet.  

Hugues (Paris - 75)

Chic gloves for scooter. As usual , no problem. I will test the matching belt . Can we have a reduction loyal customers '' ''?  

Jérôme (Lyon - 69)

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