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Invitation to travel; Hurbane accompanies your adventures.
The Hurbane travel line offers men, whether nomadic travellers or business travellers, a new travel bag in coloured leather. Away with the depressing old black suitcase on wheels or the redefined sports bag! Hurbane revisits luggage and launches a very masculine model both ultra stylish and unique.
Inspired by the old leather bags in the days of the great travellers, the Hurbane travel bag is nonetheless very smart and practical.

Sits easily in the hand thanks to its 2 massive handles, as on the shoulder thanks to the black strap with hooks, it is a size that is ideal and easy to wear, always in the category of hand cabin luggage for air travel.
An ultra-practical pushbutton opening and closing system, which is reminiscent of the old models of doctor's bags. It allows you to open and deploy the bag with a wide visibility of its contents. Its leather was selected according to criteria of flexibility and density to ensure a travel bag as easily adjusted as it is strong and durable.
Adorned with 3 harness straps, to be strapped up or left free, the Hurbane leather travel bag projects style and offers your luggage a touch of true panache.
As ideal for a weekend break, as for a long journey.

The measurements of the travel bag

The measurements of the Hurbane men's travel bag

Luggage with ideal measurements to facilitate your travels. (Length 55 x width. 30 x ht 30 cm)
The Hurbane leather travel bag has been designed to perfectly meet the requirements and constraints associated with travel. Its format ensures ease of transportation, as it can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and most importantly, it will follow you into the aircraft cabin to avoid checking in luggage.
Made of soft leather, it offers a perfect modularity to fit in the luggage compartment or in the boot of a car, where suitcases or other rigid luggage clutter up space so quickly.
Moreover, thanks to its open and close "pushbutton" on the principle of the old doctors' bags, it offers an aperture and depth of content that is more than adequate! Now you can "pack your bags" without restrictions!
What's more literally wrap your luggage; Hurbane has equipped its travel bag with 3 metal loops in which you can strap 3 leather straps dedicated to this purpose.

Travel bag finish

The Hurbane leather travel bag finish

For its travel bag, Hurbane has favoured a leather with the most tough and natural appearance possible, for an authentic, evolutionary material, varying with each skin. This makes it a unique and exclusive item.
The Hurbane travel bag for men is made of one single piece of leather, onto which are sewn additional straps (bag handles and closing straps), from the same skin. Given its density, the Hurbane leather travel bag has been 100% manually and craftsman made, with no machine intervention.
Cutting of parts is done on a case by case basis to select the most beautiful and the most homogeneous parts of the skin. They are then assembled together in sewing workshops specialised in this type of thick leather to ensure durability of the bag over time and use. In white, these seams provide a real contrast with the colour of the leather and they draw the perimeter of each strap and thus emphasize the silhouette of the bag with elegance.
The interior of the bag is lined with thick and strong black cotton canvas.
Each Hurbane travel bag is also equipped with a removable broad and strong shoulder strap, in black cotton. Very convenient and easy to use, it clips on with two carabiners. For even greater comfort, the strap is adorned with a leather protection pad, the same as the colour of the bag, which facilitates stability on your shoulder.

The packaging bag

The men's travel bag packaging bag.

Each Hurbane leather travel bag will be shipped slipped into a large black cotton drawstring bag.
Perfectly suited for the protection of your item, this drawstring bag also offers you an attractive package, ideal for presentation as a gift.
So you can give your Hurbane travel bag without worrying about gift wrap of an oversized package which is luxurious enough to contain it.
Designed along the lines of navy duffels, this drawstring bag offers a design both masculine, stylish and convenient. It will enable you to store your Hurbane bag when not travelling, but will also serve as a distinguished drawstring bag on a daily basis, for even more utility.
With its range of stylish and practical packaging, Hurbane guarantees a purchase with attention to the finest detail, and all free of charge.

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