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Hurbane men's gloves

Hurbane rounds off its leather goods offer with this chic and bold line of gloves.
An essential male accessory, the pair of leather gloves is a real badge of distinction and panache: from the dapper gentleman to the free and easy biker, leather gloves perfect the outfit!
Not merely useful for protecting hands, they also introduce that indisputable touch of elegance and subtlety. Overturning codes without ever breaking them, Hurbane goes further and revisits the pair of leather gloves for men in a range of unique and bright leather colours. The brand thus breaks away from the tough and austere black leather glove.

Original and neat, the Hurbane range of leather gloves revolves around some iconic models: a classic style lined with silk, slim fit like white gloves, a racing model, "Brando-style" motorbike gloves, to recall a free spirit like the rally style. Each style can be worn with a dressy jacket or overcoat, and equally well with a leather jacket or casual and relaxed denim bomber.

Straight cut fitted model

The straight cut fitted model

Hurbane offers a classic and timeless model: the straight cut glove fitted by 3 seams on the back of the hand, to ensure a perfectly adjusted and elegant fit. An essential cut to dress and protect hands perfectly. Black silk lining ensures a comfortable feeling when worn, and keeps hands and joints warm. The glove slides perfectly onto the hand and settles like a second skin. It aligns perfectly with all the movements of the hands and wrists thanks to its opening. Neat and ultra stylish, the classic leather gloves model will partner perfectly with a neo-classical look or an original dandy style.
Available in 6 different colours of leather, Hurbane creates exceptional models to break away from the everlasting traditional and austere black glove. Each model is unique, thanks to the meticulous work of deep dipping for each lamb skin, which renders a genuine and original colour.

Perforated rally model

The perforated rally model of gloves

Specially designed for two wheel enthusiasts or those who hanker after days of car rallying, Hurbane has introduced racing gloves into its collection, based on rally and motorcycle gloves. A pair of perfectly tailored leather gloves with perforated cut-out on the back of the hand and the phalanges to allow total freedom and flexibility of hand movements. This model of men's gloves is particularly suitable for scooter and motorcycle riders, and like all other proponents of elegance and style.
Hurbane rally gloves have been developed in a fine and ultra flexible lambskin to facilitate and support hand movement. They offer a perfect curve of the hand and give the effect of a second, very wearable, skin. Above all they provide sufficient protection against the cold and the aggression to which the hands are prone on a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.
Hurbane offers them in six colours of shimmering leather, all equally chic thanks to the traditional and valuable technique of soaked lambskin, which render pure colours, 100% natural, and unique to each skin. White overstitching further enhances the elegance of the cut and the Velcro closure ensures a perfect fit on the wrist.

Deep dipped lambskin

Hurbane deep dipped lambskin gloves

A 100% natural dye for the greatest respect of the skin and your environment.
For its line of men's gloves, Hurbane has opted for the painstaking and traditional technique of deep dipped lambskin.
To guarantee flexibility and a snug fit, the leather used by the glover differs from that of other leather goods and skins are derived exclusively from lambs or kids. Fine, with high elasticity, lambskin offers a very flexible curve, to accommodate all hand movements. It thus provides a true freedom of movement and increased comfort.
To preserve the quality and flexibility of the leather, Hurbane therefore favoured a dyeing technique without the use of pigments: a craftsman technique with the greatest respect for tradition and know-how, which protects the skin from aggressive chemical industry processes.
This method "deep dipped lambskin" method respects the natural look of the skin and its properties. It also offers a hundred percent natural dye and offers a pure, unique colour for each skin. The colour is vibrant, shimmering, and the skin has retained all of its authenticity.

Men's glove sizes

Hurbane men's glove sizes

Hurbane creates its models of gloves in 3 sizes for the most standard men's sizes: 8, 8.5 and 9.
These figures correspond to measurements around the hand.
To find out your glove size, you must measure all the way around your hand (ideally measure around the right hand for right-handed, and the left hand for left handers), measuring around the top of the palm of the hand without including your thumb.
Then refer to the size chart.

hand circumference in cmglove sizecorrespondence
21,58S / M

The gloves gift box

The Hurbane leather gloves gift box

Each pair of Hurbane leather gloves is accompanied by a luxurious black drawer box, with an orange leather pull tab.
This box, with its robust and masculine lines and the colours of the brand, will be a chic showcase ideal as gift wrap and also to store your gloves.
The purchase and acquisition of a pair of leather gloves is a special moment at great celebrations, this gift box will mark the occasion with panache!
Chic and practical, it will also serve as elegant storage for the rest of your small accessories (cufflinks,etc.) in your wardrobe.

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