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Toilet Case


The men's toilet bag

The Hurbane collection has been enriched by a "travel" line, with a range of coloured leather travel bags and toilet bags for men.
Design inspired by both laced up travelogues and old barber kits for a practical men's toilet bag that is ever so chic!
It has been especially designed to meet the needs of men on the go: large enough to contain voluminous requirements (spray shaving cream, shampoo, deodorant spray), but space saving thanks to its compact size, carefully juxtaposed flaps.

Consisting of 4 compartments, the Hurbane toilet bag ensures efficient and convenient storage of accessories and beauty products. Woven fabric compartments, opaque and waterproof, which provide neat and discreet storage of contents. A central pocket in airy fabric allows you to tuck in items that are still damp.
Its waterproof leather exterior makes it an ultra neat and very resistant model; available in the 6 colours of Hurbane leather, it will be a colourful bath time asset! A form highlighted by an elegant white stitching, with a closing strap to simply slide into its double loop.
Both robust and flexible, the Hurbane toilet bag will accompany all of your trips to perfection, whether business or leisure.

Storage compartments

The storage compartments of the Hurbane toilet bag

Finally a men's toilet bag organised with care!
Far from the tote bag mingling and chaotically tangling razor, comb and toothbrush, the Hurbane leather toilet bag contains the codes of the old barber kits, or even necessary toiletries organized in different cases and storage pouches. Ultra convenient, it allows to store your various skincare products in a few seconds, making your bathroom routine easier and more efficient!
The Hurbane toilet bag consists of four compartments: 3 compartments in opaque fabric, a pouch in openwork fabric, like a "net" for ventilation of damp products. These 4 pockets have been especially adapted to men's toilet products: they will accommodate an aerosol of shaving foam, a bottle of shampoo and a deodorant. An essential and sufficient toilet bag, designed for greater efficiency!

Toilet bag finishing touches

Toilet bag finishing touches

The Hurbane toilet bag has been worked in detail to achieve a large and practical item that is also neat and elegant in its finish.
For its inner content, Hurbane has introduced an anthracite grey cloth perfectly juxtaposed with the outer leather cover, hemmed inwards. The assembling of individual parts requires sewing that is both thorough and robust, to ensure not only the elegance of this item but also its resistance to wear.
Different compartment pouches close by snaps and a zip for the ultra thin airy central pocket.
Externally the Hurbane toilet bag has been finished and stitched with white stitching to highlight the shapes and the strap set, inspired by old barber kits. Definitively chic.

The pouch packaging

The pouch packaging of toilet bags

A leather toilet bag slipped into a sleeve.
Each Hurbane toilet bag will be delivered in a black cotton fabric pouch. This sleeve not only protects your leather toilet bag but can be used used wisely as a gift pouch if the occasion demands.
Signed in the colours of the brand, this bag pouch with sliding laces will serve you later as a tote or storage, to slip into your Hurbane travel bag at the same side of your toilet bag.
Practical, elegant and masculine.

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I am fascinated by the whole catalog and color . The toiletry bag I offered is beautiful.  

Beryl (Lyon - 69)

It was perfect, the product and delivery. Our gift made ??a great impression!  

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Beautiful brand , original and very neat items . The smooth leather is very stylish .  

Lawrence (Neuilly-sur-seine - 92)

The kit is beautiful and very practical with different arrangements.  

Aymeric (Gif-sur-yvette - 91)

I found my website gifts for men! The toiletry bag is beautiful. The purchase was great. I highly recommend.  

Olivia (Levallois-perret - 92)

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