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Hurbane men's belts

Hurbane reinvents the men's belt with panache! More than a basic essential, Hurbane transforms the leather belt into a real accessory, offering style and distinction.
With its noble and lively leather colours and its super-careful stitching, the Hurbane belt is a real badge, as chic and stylish with a charcoal suit as it is with a pair of jeans. Gone are the days of the stark black leather belt, strapped haphazardly round the trousers; Hurbane finally brings the waist back into perspective!

Robust and resistant thanks to their full-grain leather and first class finishes, Hurbane belts provides support and a perfect fit, without distortion or alteration of the strap. They stand out by their practical and simple design: 3.5 cm strap, not too thick nor too thin, adapts perfectly to various trouser loops. The end of the strap has been designed with an elegant bevel edge, to further optimize ease of use and rapid passage of the belt through the trouser loops.
The Hurbane men's belt is available in 6 colours of leather and comes in two models: one mounted with a classic pin buckle with white saddle stitching, the other mounted with an "n" shaped Hurbane pointed buckle with stitching the same colour as the leather. Each of the two buckles ensures fastening and good support, and both provide a sober and discreet signature without being too encumbrant.
The Hurbane belt will be an original model to supplement your classic style belts, offering you this talented touch of "class" and colour, making it the perfect gift, as useful as it is chic and original.

The Pin buckle

The pin buckle

The Hurbane collection of men's belts revolves around two models of belt buckles: one "n" shaped pin buckle, and one classic buckle model.
The pin buckle consists of a round metal tip for attaching the belt by fitting into one of the strap holes. Hurbane has designed its own in the shape of an "n", which recalls this unique colour letter in a black Hurbane logo. Once attached to the waist of the trousers, the excess strap will slip behind the belt, leaving no visible belt overlap. A buckle that ensures a perfect fit, as well as an elegant appearance. More conventional than classic belt buckles, it will contribute to a more studied style and appearance;perfect on a man's suit or in a professional context.

The ardillon buckle

The Hurbane standard buckle in the men's belt range offers a model mounted on a buckle, masculine, sober and elegant, guaranteeing resistance and holding trousers perfectly in place. Perfectly polished and discreetly signed Hurbane, this solidly designed buckle emphasizes the waistline with character and offers a wide-belt look.
More classical and essential than the pin buckle model, which is more dressy, this model is the ideal belt for all occasions. It will team perfectly with formal professional attire, a suit, slacks, jeans and casual shorts.
This model of belt with classic buckle is also distinguished by its white stitching, which contrasts with the colour of the strap and enhances its elegance.

Belt sizing

How to choose the right size for your belt

A belt with the right size is a belt worn attached on the 3rd hole. The size of a belt corresponds to the lengh, in cm, from the top of the buckle to the middle hole. This lengh is also equivalente to your hip measurement. If you do not know the right size for your belt,we advice you either to measure your hip with a tape measure, or to measure lengh of one of your currents belts from the buckle to the hole you are used to adjust it.
Without tape measure, you can also evaluate your belt size, comparing to your trousers size and refering to the following table. This method is less precise than the previous one, but allow to get a suitable belt and to help your choice, especially when it concerns a present to someone else.

Men trousers size Belt size
42EU 46US 32M / L90
44EU 48US 34L95
46EU 50US 36XL100

Finally, Hurbane belts width of 35mm ensures perfect integration into trouser loops, while providing an elegant balance and perfectly masculine cut.

Belt finishes

Hurbane belt finishes - Hurbane men's belts make the most of our valuable know-how and meticulous leatherwork. Each model will benefit from light padding to give a very slight convex shape, making the men's belt by Hurbane an item of exception.
The quality of finish of Hurbane belts can also be noticed by the saddle stitched hem, which structures and highlights the belt line, enhancing its elegance. Depending on the models of belts, the stitching is either identical colour to the leather, or white for a chic contrast effect.
Hurbane belts are universal width, 35mm, perfect for the different belt loops, to be worn with all types of trousers or shorts. Its shape is distinguished by an elegant bevelled end; very convenient for inserting and sliding the belt through the trouser loops with the greatest of ease. The end of the belt strap is also signed with the Hurbane logo, embossed into the leather for a discreet same colour branding effect.
For perfect camouflage of the excess strap once the belt is tightened, each model features a small inner leather strap at the end of which is fixed a last loop in leather. The excess belt strap slides into this to ensure a perfectly groomed effect.

The belt gift box

The Hurbane belt gift box - Each Hurbane belt comes in an elegant box, perfectly suited for presenting a gift. Rugged and masculine, this black drawer format box with its orange tab will be the perfect presentation for your exceptional Hurbane item.
As a belt is an essential accessory for men, there a multitude of opportunities to give or buy, multiplied by the variety of Hurbane leather colours. Hurbane gift boxes will accompany and refine each of these events, whether a birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas.
This square format box will also serve as ideal storage of your belt, and will integrate your wardrobe with elegance and discretion. Stackable, they build up like a miniature storage unit, as convenient as it is neat.

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Very elegant belt and the original time. Beautiful color ( yellow). Careful delivery. Super seriously.  

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Very nice accessory , a beautiful leather belt color without a big H plastered on the loop.  

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