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Men's wallets: from card holders to passport cases

Avant-garde both in colour and storage. Hurbane men's wallets provide an efficient and elegant design in boldly coloured leather.
Sober and practical formats specifically designed to meet men's requirements in terms of size and utility. These leather wallets are specially designed to be held either in the palm of the hand (for the card holder model), or in the jacket or trouser pocket (for passport cover). Hurbane leather wallets are both thin and light to avoid deforming your line or pockets.

Consisting of slots and flaps, carefully organised to slide in credit cards, driver's license and bank notes.
With their bright and unique colours, defying the austere codes of masculine leather goods, they stand out from the crowd, with allure and elegance.
Hurbane wallets and card holders are made with top quality, highly resistant leather from Portugal. The skins have been carefully crafted to provide a depth of colour and a unique lustre. Each item meets stringent quality requirements. Quilted finishes are discreet and careful, and reflect true craftsmanship, making each Hurbane wallet an original model.
An essential and high quality accessory, ideal for a gift that is both useful, elegant, and extremely cool!

Card holder model

Card holder format

Smaller, more convenient!
Within its men's wallet range, Hurbane offers a more compact and discreet model, the card holder size 115x70 mm. Sober and practical format specifically designed to meet men's requirements in terms of size and utility. Its size is comparable to that of a mobile phone to facilitate handling. Consisting of 4 horizontal interior slots and two vertical gussets, the Hurbane leather card holder will allow you to slide in credit cards, badges, or other loyalty cards. Its 2 vertical gussets also provide ideal storage for your papers, notes and tickets.
Hurbane wanted to create an item that, through its design and super practicality, lets you slide your whole life inside!

The passport cover model

The format of the Hurbane passport cover

Wallet, card holder, passport cover: it does it all!
A larger but still convenient and compact format. The Hurbane passport cover model finally offers comprehensive storage for your cards, identity papers, licences and tickets. It was especially designed with the globetrotter in mind, travelling for business or leisure. No need to "remember to take your passport," or getting in a tangle to present it open the right way up and on the right page. This men's wallet is truly unique: first by its original leather colours, and even more so by its design that allows you to slide your passport in and present it already open.
The right hand side is dedicated to storage of your credit cards and other badge cards, with an inner slot for bank notes.
100 x 140mm format fits easily into a trouser or jacket pocket, without distorting the shape.
This men's wallet is definitely the "Swiss Army knife" of leather goods. Naturally, just like the Swiss Army knife, it is a 'must'!

The wallet finishes

Hurbane wallet finishes

Hurbane wallets are 100% leather.
Each item has been subject to careful treatment in the creation process, which involves manual intervention and precious craftsmanship.
The various pieces of leather have been cut with precision and refined on their edge for fine assembly without bulkiness. They are put together with meticulous sewing, with white stitching to highlight the elegance of the shape even more.
The interior leather parts are hemmed and juxtaposed to the outside piece of leather, itself cut into its edge for a sleek finish. The outer edges are then switched to black ink, one by one, for a distinctively rugged and more masculine signature.

The wallet gift box

The Hurbane wallet gift box

Hurbane wallets come with a drawer format box in black and orange, signed by the brand. It brings a touch of elegance and luxury in perfect consistency with product quality and Hurbane values. It also reflects the care with which the brand treats each of its items. Chic and masculine, this case has been specially designed for use as a gift box and to mark the occasion with panache. It transforms the acquisition of a Hurbane item into a privileged and precious moment!
With its sleek, modern line, this case will integrate into your cabinets and shelves to store and collect your various accessories.

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