Who are we?

Hurbane in front of a trio of friends, composed of Philippe, Thibault and Xavier.

Youthful thirties, full of momentum and ultra positive, they grew up together in Paris in a world of social codes that they have always wanted to makeover, in the name of audacity and thinking for yourself.

With Hurbane they desired inject some bubbles into the classic masculine label, so grey and boring, too often the image of a rigid and austere professional world.
Without playing the troublemakers or sacrificing codes of elegance, they just wanted to tweak some details and play with distinction through accessories and colour.

And to legitimize this decision, they insisted on quality.
To achieve this, they opted for choice leathers and renowned European manufacturing workshops working for big French brands.

To complete this project, they entrusted its design and implementation to Raphael and Mary, whose experience in the Maisons Joaillières and then big names in Cosmetics had honed their product sensitivity and attention to detail.

All the Hurbane team is open to your suggestions on items you would like to find, the colours you expect, and any other comments.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by going to the pageContact.