Belt finishes

Hurbane belt finishes - Hurbane men's belts make the most of our valuable know-how and meticulous leatherwork. Each model will benefit from light padding to give a very slight convex shape, making the men's belt by Hurbane an item of exception.
The quality of finish of Hurbane belts can also be noticed by the saddle stitched hem, which structures and highlights the belt line, enhancing its elegance. Depending on the models of belts, the stitching is either identical colour to the leather, or white for a chic contrast effect.
Hurbane belts are universal width, 35mm, perfect for the different belt loops, to be worn with all types of trousers or shorts. Its shape is distinguished by an elegant bevelled end; very convenient for inserting and sliding the belt through the trouser loops with the greatest of ease. The end of the belt strap is also signed with the Hurbane logo, embossed into the leather for a discreet same colour branding effect.
For perfect camouflage of the excess strap once the belt is tightened, each model features a small inner leather strap at the end of which is fixed a last loop in leather. The excess belt strap slides into this to ensure a perfectly groomed effect.