Belt sizing

How to choose the right size for your belt

A belt with the right size is a belt worn attached on the 3rd hole. The size of a belt corresponds to the lengh, in cm, from the top of the buckle to the middle hole. This lengh is also equivalente to your hip measurement. If you do not know the right size for your belt,we advice you either to measure your hip with a tape measure, or to measure lengh of one of your currents belts from the buckle to the hole you are used to adjust it.
Without tape measure, you can also evaluate your belt size, comparing to your trousers size and refering to the following table. This method is less precise than the previous one, but allow to get a suitable belt and to help your choice, especially when it concerns a present to someone else.

Men trousers size Belt size
42EU 46US 32M / L90
44EU 48US 34L95
46EU 50US 36XL100

Finally, Hurbane belts width of 35mm ensures perfect integration into trouser loops, while providing an elegant balance and perfectly masculine cut.