Perforated rally model

The perforated rally model of gloves

Specially designed for two wheel enthusiasts or those who hanker after days of car rallying, Hurbane has introduced racing gloves into its collection, based on rally and motorcycle gloves. A pair of perfectly tailored leather gloves with perforated cut-out on the back of the hand and the phalanges to allow total freedom and flexibility of hand movements. This model of men's gloves is particularly suitable for scooter and motorcycle riders, and like all other proponents of elegance and style.
Hurbane rally gloves have been developed in a fine and ultra flexible lambskin to facilitate and support hand movement. They offer a perfect curve of the hand and give the effect of a second, very wearable, skin. Above all they provide sufficient protection against the cold and the aggression to which the hands are prone on a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.
Hurbane offers them in six colours of shimmering leather, all equally chic thanks to the traditional and valuable technique of soaked lambskin, which render pure colours, 100% natural, and unique to each skin. White overstitching further enhances the elegance of the cut and the Velcro closure ensures a perfect fit on the wrist.