Travel bag finish

The Hurbane leather travel bag finish

For its travel bag, Hurbane has favoured a leather with the most tough and natural appearance possible, for an authentic, evolutionary material, varying with each skin. This makes it a unique and exclusive item.
The Hurbane travel bag for men is made of one single piece of leather, onto which are sewn additional straps (bag handles and closing straps), from the same skin. Given its density, the Hurbane leather travel bag has been 100% manually and craftsman made, with no machine intervention.
Cutting of parts is done on a case by case basis to select the most beautiful and the most homogeneous parts of the skin. They are then assembled together in sewing workshops specialised in this type of thick leather to ensure durability of the bag over time and use. In white, these seams provide a real contrast with the colour of the leather and they draw the perimeter of each strap and thus emphasize the silhouette of the bag with elegance.
The interior of the bag is lined with thick and strong black cotton canvas.
Each Hurbane travel bag is also equipped with a removable broad and strong shoulder strap, in black cotton. Very convenient and easy to use, it clips on with two carabiners. For even greater comfort, the strap is adorned with a leather protection pad, the same as the colour of the bag, which facilitates stability on your shoulder.